Book of Paragon

The Perspex Machine is a highly technical work in progress based on the earlier, populist book Visions of Mind and Body. When it is finished, The Perspex Machine will give a detailed example of how to solve the mind-body problem by using the perspex as the most primitive part of a robot's mind and body. The perspex, or perspective simplex, is both a primitive shape and a primitive computer instruction. It can look like an ordinary physical object and a motion of an object. In particular, it can look like a neuron. Perspex neurons work together in neural networks, passing information amongst themselves to solve problems. Perspex neurons grow and die, much like biological neurons. In theory, networks of perspex neurons can do everything that the human mind can do, and more. But this similarity comes at a price. Just like us, perspex robots are individuals. They come into existence, live for a time, and then die.

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