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The Book of Paragon is a web site that offers one solution to the centuries old philosophical conundrum of how minds relate to bodies. This site shows that the perspective simplex, or perspex, is a simple physical thing that is both a mind and a body.

The perspex can be understood in many ways. Mathematically, the perspex is a particular kind of matrix; concretely, it is simultaneously a physical shape, a physical motion, an artificial neuron, and an instruction for a machine that is more powerful than the Turing machine. In other words, a perspex is an instruction for a perspex machine that is more powerful than any theoretically possible digital computer.

The perspex machine operates in a 4D space of perspexes called perspex space. This space is related to the 4D spacetime we live in. It is claimed that the perspex machine can describe any aspect of the universe we live in, and can be built from any part of our universe. In other words, the universe can be understood as a perspex machine. And, on the materialistic assumption, our bodies and minds are physical things so they, too, can be understood as perspex machines.

This site contains mathematical formulas for the perspex machine and for properties such as feeling, consciousness, and free will. These things are described in scientific papers and books. The site also contains news items that explain the perspex machine in a non-technical way, and it has links to old research on the perspex machine.

The site will be updated as research progresses. Feel free to contact the author to discuss any aspect of this research, or to criticise or collaborate on the perspex machine.


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Last updated 1 December 2016