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Papers are listed in English by language. Any and all papers on transmathematics that are brought to our attention will be listed. Just email the bibiographic details in English, together with a URL of the paper. If the paper is not in English, please also include an English translation of the title.


No warrant is given to the correctness of papers. This is simply a record of publications.


The on-line papers listed here are sometimes accompanied by presentations and downloads. Downloads holds a full list of downloadable software, movies, and pictures.


Many of the on-line papers refer to papers that were not published on line. These can  be accessed from a library or, perhaps, from the digitised versions of a library's stock.





Submit Listings

To have your transmathematics paper listed here, email the bibilographic details and a URL of the paper. If your paper is not in English then please also give an English translation of the title.

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Last updated 1 December 2016