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My books are downloadable PDFs. The books by other authors are published on paper.



Books by Other Authors

The Cult of Pythagorus: Math and Myths, University of Pitsburgh Press, 2013. Author Alberto A. Martinez, puts transreal arithmetic into its historical context. On the positive side, he says that transreal arithmetic appears to be consistent and that it has attractive properties for computation. On the negative side, he says that it has not been shown that transreal arithmetic has any practical advantage for physics.



My Books

J. A. D. W. Anderson, Visions of Mind and Body: a technological solution to the mind-body problem.This book is written in a popular style. It introduces the main aspects of the perspex machine and explains how it solves the problem of how minds relate to bodies.



My Moribund Books

The following book is a work in progress that has stalled, probably forever as I have changed my publication strategy. It describes the mathematics of transreal numbers and related matters. I had intended to delay publication on the web until I had written at least two more chapters on elementary algebra, but I have been persuaded to publish the work as I go along.


·          J. A. D. W. Anderson, Transmathematics: how to divide by zero using only the operations of ordinary arithmetic, but ignoring the prescription not to divide by zero, in such a way as to preserve the maximum information about the magnitude and sign of numbers. This book is written in the style of a popular text book. It introduces the main aspects of the mathematics of the transreal numbers from arithmetic up to topological spaces. It also presents applications of transmathematics in computing and physics.

The following book is incomplete. I am unlikely to work on it again, for the foreseeable future, as I have switched my attention to transmathematics.

          J. A. D. W. Anderson, The Perspex Machine: a solution to the mind-body problem. This work in progress is written in a technical style. When finished it is intended to give a detailed account of how minds relate to bodies.


If you want to see one of these books in print then email the author so that he can collect statistics and persuade a publisher to take on the book.




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