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Universal Possible Worlds
6 Jan 2015

An abstract outlining a proof of the existence of universal possible worlds in logic has been accepted by Unilog 2015.

Best Paper Prize
6 Jan 2015

A paper extending real differential and integral calculus to transreal form has won a Best Paper prize.

Portuguese Lecture
18 Sept 2014

Dr Anderson gave a leture on totality, with simultaneous translation into Portugues, on 18th September 2014.

Five Papers
18 Sept 2014

Five papers have been accepted for publication at the International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2014.

Science Circle
2 Sept 2014

Dr Anderson gave a lecture on Advances in Transmathematics to the Science Circle on 2nd September 2014.

Hangout on Air
4 June 2014

Transmathematica will hold its first recorded video conference on 24th June 2014.

7 Apr 2014

A mathematical society has been established to promote the mathematics that arises when division by zero is allowed.

Maxwell's Equations
2 Apr 2014

Professional mathematicians and physicists are invited to collaborate on a draft paper on Maxwell's equations.

Portuguese Paper
5 Mar 2014

The first paper on transmathematics that is not authored or co-authored by Dr Anderson has just appeared in Portuguese.

Trans-Newtonian Physics
6 Feb 2014

Dr Anderson has archived an old paper that shows that Newton's laws of motion operate at singularities when they are read in transreal arithmetic.

BCS Video Interview
18 Nov 2013

James Anderson is interviewed by Justin Richards of BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.

Transreal Arithmetic in History Book
1 Oct 2013

A history of mathematics book comments on transreal arithmetic.

Reading Lecture
8 Nov 2011

Dr Anderson will give a public lecture on transmathematics at the University of Reading on Wednesday 7 December.

SecondLife Seminar
25 Oct 2011

Dr Anderson will lead a seminar on transarithmetic in the virtual world of second life on Tuesday 1st November, 2011.

Transcomplex Arithmetic
16 Sept 2011

A paper on trans-floating-point and transcomplex arithmetic has been accepted for publication.

Oxford BCS Lecture
16 June 2011

Dr Anderson gave a lecture in Oxford on transmathematics and its application to physics and computing.

Transcomplex Arithmetic
15 Jan 2011

A paper on transcomplex arithmetic, along with source code and documentation has been released today.

Reading Geek Night
5 Jan 2011
Dr Anderson will give a presentation on division by zero at Reading Geek Night on 11 January 2011.

Darlington BCS Seminar
9 Nov 2010
Dr Anderson will give a seminar to the BCS on division by zero and its application to computer software. The lecture wil take place in Darlington on 24 November 2010.

Reading IET Lecture
9 Nov 2010
Dr Anderson will give a lecture to the IET on division by zero and its application to computer hardware and software. The lecture will take place in Reading on 27 January 2011.

China Tour
17 Nov 2009
Dr Anderson will travel to China in late November 2009 to give lectures on transmathematics and its applications to computers and supercomputers.

Venturefest (Oxford) 2009
7 June 2009
Dr Anderson will speak at Venturefest (Oxford) 2009. Over 1,000 investors, innovators and entrepreneurs from across the UK are expected at this one day meeting on 29th June.

2 June 2009
It was announced today that a new facility has been created to support financial donations.

Café Scientifique (Reading)
27 May 2009
It was announced today that there will be a discussion on division by zero in a café, in Reading, on 14 September, 2009.

Hand Computation
7 May 2009
A chapter on methods for computing transreal arihtmetic by hand has been added to the book Transmathematics.

17 April 2009
A chapter on NaN has been added to the book Transmathematics.

Publicity Photographs
2 April 2009
Publicity photographs of Dr James Anderson were released with effect from 2nd April.

Gillotts Lecture 2009
23 February 2009
Dr James Anderson and Dr Andrew Adams will give the annual lecture at Gillotts Scool on Thursday 7 May 2009 in Henley on Thames, England.

Blue Fusion 2009
5 December 2008
Dr Anderson will give the keynote speach at Blue Fusion 2009 on Friday 6 March in Hursley, England.

6 August 2008
Dr Anderson will present a manifesto for transreal arithmetic at the University of Reading, England, on 25 September, 2008.

Manchester Seminar
7 April 2008
It was announced today, that Dr Anderson will give a seminar on the Perspex Machine at the University of Manchester, England, on May 1, 2008.

China Tour
6 March 2008
It was announced today, that Dr Anderson will give lectures on the topology of the transreal numbers, in China, in late March.

Blue Fusion 2008
6 March 2008
It was announced today, that Dr Anderson will give the keynote presentation at Blue Fusion 2008 on 10 March.

Steve's Blog
26 October 2007
Steve Leach has started a blog on the Perspex Machine.

Trondheim Seminar
2 September 2007
Dr Anderson will give a seminar on transreal arithmetic in Trondheim, Norway, on 10th October 2007.

Blue Fusion 2007
26 February 2007
Dr Anderson will be a key speaker at Blue Fusion 2007 on March 14.

Consistency of Transreal Arithmetic
9 January 2007
A machine proof of the consistency of transreal arithmetic is released today.

Software Environment
5 November 2006
A paper was released today which describes an experimental software environment for the 4D perspex machine.

Division by Zero
21 October 2006
Two papers were released today. The first paper gives the axioms of transreal arithmetic, which allow division by zero in a consistent and non-trivial way. The second explains how to extend calculus so that it works with transreal numbers.

Ph.D. Studentship 12,500 p.a.  + EU Fees, October 2006
6 June 2006
This studentship to implement fluid dynamics on the perspex machine is open to graduates from any country.

Perspex Analogue of Myelin Sheaths
6 June 2006
A new perspex compiler that converts C programs into perspex neurons generates very efficient programs by mimicking the myelin sheaths around biological axons.

Reading Seminar
26 April 2006
Dr Anderson gave a seminar at Reading University today and offered two M.Sc. studentships and one Ph.D. studentship for research on the perspex machine.

Essex Seminar
27 January 2006
Dr Anderson gave a seminar at the University of Essex today and toured the robotics facilities.

The Universal Perspex Machine
15 October 2005
It was announced today that Dr Anderson will give three papers on the perspex machine at the SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference in San Jose, California, in January 2006.

The Universal Perspex Machine
5 June 2005
It was announced today that Dr Anderson will give a seminar on the Universal Perspex Machine at Goldsmiths College, London on 8 June.

Mousemat, BBC Radio Wales
3 April 2005
An interview with Dr James Anderson was broadcast today on Mousemat, BBC Radio Wales.

Travelling Salesman
18 March 2005
A new movie was released today that shows a perspex neural net solving the Travelling Salesman problem using Dijkstra's algorithm.

Tutorial in London
18 March 2005
It was announced today that Dr James Anderson will give a tutorial on the perspex machine in London on 20 April 2005.

No Zombies, Only Feelies?
18 March 2005
A fictitious debate about the nature of feeling in robots took place today.

Student Projects
2 March 2005
Projects on the perspex machine have just been advertised to students at the University of Reading. Researchers from anywhere in the world are free to take on these projects using their own resources.

Towards a Truly Clever Artificial Intelligence
3 February 2005
A pioneering new way of creating computer programs could be used in the future to design and build robots with minds that function like those of human beings.

New Artificial Neuron
12 November 2004
Pictures of a new, geometrical computer instruction that looks like an artificial neuron have just been released.

New News?

If you have news of any development related to the perspex machine then please email the author.

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