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The Universal Perspex Machine


Three papers will be presented at the SPIE Electronic Imaging Conference in San Jose, California, in January 2006.


The paper Perspex Machine V shows how to compile a sub-set of the C programming language into the perspex machine. The perspex machine has the unusual property that it is a Single Instruction, Zero Exception (SIZE) machine. This makes it particularly well suited to implementation in hardware.


The paper Perspex Machine VI describes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the perspex machine. The GUI can be used to visualise and edit perspex programs. It can also be used to animate the execution of programs. This paper also contains a new proof of the Walnut Cake Theorem that explains why paradigm shifts occur in the physical universe.


The paper Perspex Machine VII adapts transreal arithmetic and the perspex instruction to make them well suited to operating in Euclidean space.  The new machine is very much easier to program than the previous versions and can be formed into a fractal. This fractal is the universal perspex machine. It can emulate any perspex machine. It can also emulate all of Turing's automatic-, choice-, and oracle-machines. The fractal is immune from various kinds of computer virus and exhibits fractal security.


If you have a question following up the conference then please email the author.

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