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Ph.D. Studentship 12,500 p.a. + EU Fees
October 2006, Reading University, England


[This position has now been filled.]


A graduate with a high degree of mathematical skill in vector analysis and calculus is wanted to implement fluid dynamics on a software simulation of the perspex machine with a view to firmware implementation in FPGA and eventual hardware implementation on a dedicated chip.


A hardware implementation might be one million times faster than software  implementation on a standard computer. This research offers a  unique opportunity for the successful student to develop highly  transferable technological skills in a scientifically and  economically important field of computing.


The studentship is open to graduates from any country. It pays a stipend of 12,500  p.a. for three years, beginning in October 2006. Ph.D. fees will  also be paid at the EU rate, but students from outside the EU must pay an additional fee (of approximately 7,500 p.a.).


The project will be co-supervised by Dr James Anderson (Computer Science), Dr Peter Sweby (Mathematics), and Professor David Marshall (Meteorology).


For further details contact Dr James Anderson. If you wish to apply for the studentship then complete a postgraduate application form and return it to the Faculty of Science and Life Sciences as shown on the form.


For further details please email the author.

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Last updated 19 December 2006