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Café Scientifique (Reading)


Ever been told that it is impossible to divide by zero? Yes. Ever been given a good reason why not? No - because it is possible and you already know how to do it. Come along and release the mathematician inside yourself! Did you know that one divided by zero is infinity? But have you ever wondered what infinity minus infinity is? Ever wondered if your life depends on computer programmers getting division by zero right? Yes.  And do they? No. So there you have it. You have nothing to worry about! But come along to Café Scientifique, because a worry shared is a worry halved, and half of zero is nothing to worry about.


The Café Scientifique meeting, Nothing to Worry About, will be held on 14 September, 2009, from 7.30 to 9.00 p.m. in the Déjà Vu bar and eatery at 61 St. Mary's Butts, Reading, RG1 2LG. There is no charge for admission. Déjà Vu opens for business at 6 p.m.


Here is the flyer and the web site of forthcoming Café Scientifique meetings.


Want to know how to divide by zero?

Then email the author.




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Last updated 27 May 2009